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Ear Surgery

Ear Surgery


Grommets are ventilating tubes inserted into the ear drum to treat middle ear fluid or recurrent middle ear infections.


Surgical repair of a hole in the ear drum is performed using a patient’s own tissue graft, usually through incisions made within the ear canal.



Exostosis are bony overgrowths that narrow the ear canal causing problems of canal obstruction and sometimes recurrent infections.  Removal of the exostosis involves delicately drilling away the excessive bone formation to widen the ear canal.



Fusion of the stapes bone (a condition called otosclerosis) causes hearing loss. Stapedectomy involves removal of the stapes bone and replacement with a prosthesis, and is one of the options in treating this condition.

Surgical Treatment of Cholesteatoma

Cholesteatoma is a complex condition involving skin growth within the middle ear and mastoid. Surgery is the only effective treatment for this condition. The type and extent of surgery varies beteen cases.