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Sinus and Nasal Surgery

Sinus and Nasal Surgery

Endoscopic Sinus Surgery

Sinusitis causes symptoms of nasal obstruction, post-nasal drip, a reduced sense of smell, a runny nose and facial pressure.  There are many factors that contribute to the development of sinusitis.  Performed without external incisions, endoscopic sinus surgery can be used to effectively treat sinus disease that has failed to improve with medical treatment.

Septoplasty and Turbinate Reduction

Deformities of the nasal septum and turbinate enlargement (often caused by allergy) are common causes of nasal obstruction, correctable with surgery.


External nasal deformities can cause functional and cosmetic problems with the nose. Rhinoplasty changes the alignment +/- shape of the nose, and is often performed in combination with other procedures to improve the nasal airway.